Usage of new media in museums – update soon to be provided by leading cultural institutions

There is obviously an increasing usage of new media in museums. In my day-to-day work, I encounter more museums wishing to implement interactive experiences. Similar tendencies were seen from the research conducted as a part of my studies at Modul University Vienna (see the post Influence of new media technologies on the success of museum exhibitions – a summary for more details).

However, there is still only limited existing scientific data in this field. Museum community aims to grasp the status quo and likely developments of new media technologies. Based on my initial research, I am conducting an ongoing survey on the current usage of new media and trends in this field. The key goals are to analyse the various forms of new media currently in usage and to forecast future trends. Participants of the survey are the most visited museums (those with at least one million visitors) in the world in 2017, as ranked by the Art Newspaper Visitor Figures Survey (April 2018) and the Museum Index of the Themed Entertainment Association (May 2018).
The results of this research will be presented at the 2018 ICEE Annual Conference in Madrid and will be followed by a report with key findings. All reports and results will be presented in a summarised, anonymised way and will later be shared with the museum community.

Photo: CaixaForum Madrid, Carlos Ramon Bonilla
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