On 21 December 2018, MUSEUM BOOSTER has released the Museum New Media Barometer 2018, a report on the usage of new media by the most-visited museums worldwide. It is the second edition of a survey on the digitalisation in the museum world. Influence of New Media Technologies on the Success of Museum Exhibitions, issued in 2016, looked into the status quo and relevant technological trends for museum exhibitions.

The goal of the Museum New Media Barometer 2018 is to evaluate which technologies are currently in use by leading cultural institutions and which future trends are relevant. The research is based on a questionnaire sent out to selected major museums worldwide with at least one million annual visitors. 23% of the museums contacted filled in the questionnaire. Among the most visited museums which replied to the questionnaire were museums from 14 countries – including seven from Europe (Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Vatican City), three from the Americas (Canada, Chile, USA), and four from Asia & Oceania (Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea). Most of the institutions which responded focus on art (46%), the rest on other topics.

Copyright: MUSEUM BOOSTER, 2018

At 75% of the interviewed museums use visual information displays (e.g. information screens, touchscreens), audio & video elements as well as social media platforms. Among the technologies which are being planned to be incorporated, eight technologies were mentioned by at least 25% of interviewed museums: augmented reality (AR), smart objects (like NFC, QR codes, iBeacons), mobile applications, virtual reality (VR), information displays, wearable devices, blogs & podcasts as well as audio guides.

Museum New Media Barometer 2018, Copyright: MUSEUM BOOSTER

The Museum New Media Barometer 2018 shows an increased relevance of new media in museums compared to 2016. That means museums see a growing importance of new media technologies for the success of their institutions. Audio & video, information screens, social media, mobile applications, audio guides, blogs & podcasts are already must-haves in most major museum. AR, VR, wearable devices, holograms and robots are entering the museum world and most probably in the next five to ten years will also become indispensable parts of a museum experience.

Full report: https://sway.office.com/8GVU5niaY1hOlMzl?ref=Link

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