Influence of new media technologies on the success of museum exhibitions – a summary

A new era for museums has started: the era of communicating with the visitors. When creating an exhibition, it is not enough anymore to hang precious art pieces on the wall. Visitors want to hear a story, and a museum should tell it. The age of storytelling requires the usage of various media in conveying a message.
Many museums are following and adapting certain innovations of the digital age. Some are reluctant to changes and prefer to stay more traditional. But using new media technologies opens the possibility to understand culture and explain complicated topics in significant new ways. Some see here a window of opportunity, others claim these ways can only complicate and misinform.
There is little research on the topic of new media in museum exhibitions – and even less quantifiable data in this field. As a part of the MBA programme at Modul University Vienna, I wrote my master thesis on“The influence of new media technologies on the success of museum exhibitions”. Its aim was to provide a critical overview and assessment of various new media technologies for museums and exhibitions and to assess their relative merits and possibilities.

Below you will find the outcome in an interactive summarised format (click to see the sway presentation):

Influence of  New Media Technologies on the Success of Museum Exhibitions

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For more detailed information and excerpts from this research, search for the “master thesis” label in this blog.

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