How will the museum of the future be? How can museums be improved? How would the museum of your dreams look like?

Let’s change the future of museums together!

Help us bring your dreams and visions to reality. It does not matter if you are a museum enthusiast, an artsy person or if you have never stepped into a museum before. We would love to hear your opinion!

Art and cultural institutions in particular are facing major challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. Museums remain closed for long periods or can receive only a few visitors. Digital and new formats are needed in order to maintain operations. What should museum visits be like in the future? As part of the collaborative Future Museum project, Fraunhofer IAO set up an online survey to ask members of the public about the future of museums.

In two separate rounds, the project will survey visitors, art and culture enthusiasts, and even members of the public who tend to be skeptical about visiting museums. The goal is to give cultural institutions a glimpse into the desires and needs of their target group during and after the Coronavirus pandemic, to identify relevant trends and to support the digital transformation in this sector.

The survey is available in both German and English and takes about 15 minutes in either language. Anyone who is interested in actively helping to shape the future of museums is invited to respond. The first survey round takes place online and can be done from home. In the second step, museum visitors will be approached on site at museums and asked about their experience.

The online survey was developed and is being conducted by Fraunhofer IAO and MUSEUM BOOSTER GmbH within the joint research project Future Museum.

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