Art selfie – turning a museum into a virtual playground (for kids and adults alike)

A soup can got it, Marilyn Monroe got it, and now you can get it too – the Andy Warhol treatment.

The retrospective Andy Warhol exhibition at CaixaForum features a special art selfie corner.

Here visitors can capture a selfie, which is automatically enhanced and shown on a screen in the museum hall and shared on the CaixaForum Facebook page.

Visitors are welcome to take a photo and share it with their friends. Seems easy from a tech point of view and effective in terms of advertising. Love it!

A similar approach was taken by Google Arts & Culture platform. In the beginning of 2018, they have created an experiment that matches your selfie with art from the collections of museums on Google Arts & Culture. Over the first few days since the launch, people have taken more than 30 million selfies. Thus Google Art & Culture motivates people discover new artworks, they would not encounter otherwise.

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Now yawning at art has a completely new meaning!

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